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Easyspace upgrade shared hosting to unlimited bandwidth

Easyspace upgrade shared hosting to unlimited bandwidth

Easyspace has upgraded all its shared web hosting packages to now include Unlimited Bandwidth.

The upgrade brings Easyspace web hosting packages back in line with other popular hosting providers in the UK in terms of bandwidth, and allows already innovative offerings, such as its Pic N Mix web hosting solution, to be even more advanced with its features.

While Easyspace states that the previous restrictions on bandwidth were actually very generous in the usage they allowed, they admit that the move to unlimited allows its customers to think more creatively about how they can increase traffic volumes to their own sites, without previous worry of possibly reaching traffic thresholds.

It comes as welcome news to those whose business relies, particularly in the current economic climate, on driving traffic to websites to generate new leads and sales. The upgrade means that shared hosting customers no longer need to worry about consequences should they manage to significantly increase interest in their site.

“In actual fact, that vast majority of customers never came close to reaching the bandwidth restrictions on their chosen shared hosting package, such was the generosity of the restriction, so in that respect the upgrade wasn’t absolutely required. However, we felt it reduced another worry from the customer, the worry that they might someday reach that threshold. In our current climate, customers need to be doing all they can to drive traffic to their sites, and we don’t want them having to worry about possible repercussions if they generate too much traffic.” suggests Errol Vanderhorst, Managing Director at Easyspace.

Easyspace currently offers four shared hosting packages, including its highly innovative Pic N Mix package which allows customers to determine the specification, and therefore the cost, of their hosting. Domain names, email and various other key features are also included with each hosting package.

The upgrade to shared hosting packages follows on from recent changes to approximately twenty of the most popular country specific domain names offered by Easyspace. With changes including cost reductions and reduction of minimum registration term, Easyspace again displayed why it is one of the most popular providers of domain names in the UK.

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