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Easyspace slashes minimum cost of Country Specific TLDs

Easyspace slashes minimum cost of Country Specific TLDs

Easyspace has made significant changes to the registration terms of some of its most popular domain extension.

Country Specific Top Level Domain names (such as,, have long been an accepted alternative to traditional top level domain names, particularly in instances where the preferred top level domain has already been registered. Not only does this Country Specific format of the Top level Domain allow you to include the common .com within the extension, it also allows for localised focus for your business.

In addition, Country Specific TLDs are a popular alternative to exact country extensions. Domains such as .eu require submission of documentation to prove validity of registration (i.e. you need to have business in the .eu to be able to register a .eu), whereas a can be registered by anyone. This is a similar scenario to many other country extensions.

Easyspace prides itself in being one of the few providers in the UK of such a variety of Country Specific TLDs and has recently cemented its place as one of the leading providers by making them far more accessible.

In addition to cutting the price on all Country Specific TLD domain names, the minimum registration term has been reduced from two years to one. In all, it means you can now register your preferred Country Specific Top Level Domain for approx 50% less than a few months ago with Easyspace.

“Suitable domain names, particularly TLDs such as .com, .net, .org etc, are becoming harder and harder to find for some companies and we’re finding people are now seriously considering some of the viable alternatives that have been around for some time, including our range of Country Specific TLDs such, and” suggests Errol Vanderhorst, Managing Director at Easyspace.

“We announced the changes to existing customers recently and were surprised at just how positively the news was received. The lower cost matched with a reduced minimum registration term has certainly made the domains more accessible and customers are certainly taking advantage of that.”

Easyspace currently sells approx 20 different Country Specific Top Level Extensions including,,,,, and more.

Visit the Easyspace domain names pages for more information.