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Protect your business and brand name by registering multiple domain names

Protect your business and brand name by registering multiple domain names

As a business, your aim is to promote your brand name as much as possible. But, when it comes to domain registration, businesses typically register only one domain name, and that’s usually with a .com extension. In fact most businesses usually think that they were very fortunate to find their preferred domain name in the .com version and stop searching for alternative extensions, when, in reality they still need to protect their domain name and their brand identity by registering multiple extensions, variations and misspellings of the primary domain. Not doing this gives enough room for their competitors to register a domain name similar to the original one with a different extension such as .net, .org, .info etc.

Risk arises when competitors use domain names similar to yours to showcase their own products and services or, worse, if they decide to use it in such a way that ultimately attacks the brand and reputation you’ve spent time building. In either case, the business could start losing valuable customers.

There can be several risks associated with registering only one domain name:

    1. Competitive vulnerability – When one of your competitors sets-up a website using the same domain as yours with a different extension (e.g. they use .net instead of .com) in order to lure your customers away.
    2. Cyber squatting – The act of registering domain name in bad faith. Normally resulting in the domain owner trying to sell you the domain for inflated fees. This is a major problem facing businesses on the Internet today.
    3. Traffic funneling – When someone sets-up variations of your domain name or they register misspellings of your domain name to draw the traffic from people accidently mistyping your domain name.
    4. Disgruntled websites – Websites set up when an unhappy customer, or disgruntled ex-employee, registers a variation of your domain name with the sole purpose of posting critical and inaccurate information about your business.

So, why should businesses register more than one domain name?

If you’re thinking about registering multiple variations of your domain name then you’re focusing on the sensible approach. Registering and using multiple domains names is great for building your business and can help create a dynamic online identity. Registering multiple domain names can allow you to:

    1. Stop competitors from registering domains similar to yours and therefore stopping them from drawing customers from you.
    2. Promote a variety of products and services if you offer more than one.
    3. Create extra windows to drive traffic to your site.
    4. Create specific advertising campaigns to target specific target markets
    5. Take charge of common miss-spellings of your domain and benefit from additional traffic e.g. registering and
    6. Reduce the risk of your brand and online identity being attacked

Registering multiple domain names with .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi,, .me, .tel etc extensions is always recommended!

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