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Easyspace delivers speed and power with its new range of Dedicated Servers

Easyspace delivers speed and power with its new range of Dedicated Servers

Now benefiting from faster processors and more storage, not to mention being housed within one of five Data Centres owned and managed by Easyspace, Easyspace Dedicated Servers are now one of the most competitive options on the market.

The upgraded range of servers includes a starter server, business server and pro server with levels of processor speed ranging from a Pentium 4 3GHz through to an Intel Xeon Quadcore, disk space levels ranging from a single 160GB hard disk through to twin 500GB hard disks and RAM options ranging from 1GB through to 4GB.

On top of the physical server specification, all dedicated servers are housed within the network of five data centres throughout the UK, owned and managed by Easyspace, offering multiple Tier 1 transit providers, dual power supplies, best of breed Cisco technology and support for fibre and copper gigabit connections.

“Our upgraded Dedicated Servers align us with some of the more competitive providers in the market. Added to the improved specs, along with improved setup times and our advanced data centre infrastructure, we’ve also managed to lower the price, meaning potential customers can now benefit from a starting price approx £20 per month less than the previous incarnation of the servers.” claims Errol Vanderhorst, Managing Director at Easyspace.

“We’ve already grown a strong loyalty from our Shared Hosting and Virtual Server customers, so we’re hopeful they’ll welcome this move to strengthen our Dedicated offering for those who require it more than our other hosting solutions.“

Easyspace Dedicated Servers are available with Linux or Windows Operating Systems and, as well as the regular features you’d expect, also offer bolt on options including multiple domain licenses, multiple IP Addresses, increased backup options and more.

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