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Easyspace Virtual Server is top choice for FX Trader

Easyspace Virtual Server is top choice for FX Trader

Easyspace has another happy virtual server customer in Londoner Hank Burchnall.

Hank, a part time foreign exchange (FX) trader and full time IT contractor relies on having a reliable platform in order to trade currencies around the world.

After researching potential web hosting services, Hank used the live chat facility on the Easyspace website to find out more information about potential services. From here he set up a virtual server (VPS) allowing him to run software 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location – an essential requirement in his line of work.

With global currency market trading a fast-moving area, the ability to respond quickly is important. A key part of Hank’s operation is receiving round-the-clock, real-time data feeds from brokerages, allowing access to the most current market information. Using a PC and a broadband connection to execute such important tasks is not always a viable option.

Hank said: “The difference is, I don’t manage the hardware and essentially can walk away at any time. Not being reliant on the hardware aspect gives me peace of mind and freedom to get on, while Easyspace runs the hardware 24/7.”

As well as current data, successful FX trading requires the ability to analyse emerging trends in currency markets and make quick decisions so having a trustworthy VPS connection was another necessity.

Hank said: “I chose a VPS to limit my risk to connection outages, crashes and other issues personal computers have. The main reason a VPS is particularly important for me is that the software I run relies heavily on having access to the internet 24/7 – it would be out of the question to do that on a PC at home or work.”

Hank’s previous experiences with Easyspace led him to consider the company as a leader in the market, and got in touch to discuss his VPS hosting requirements.

As well as the ability to depend on the provider, value for money was an important factor in the decision. For Hank, the proximity to his base of operations was also a major influence – and with five data centres in the UK, Easyspace fitted the bill.

Hank added: “Value for money was important, performance was a must, but also location was essential. The Easyspace servers are based in the UK and it was important for me to find a reliable VPS located near to my brokerage. The speed of which transactions are handled is vital in this industry.”

During the process of agreeing the specification of his VPS service, Hank said he found the live chat option a quick and simple way to arrange a package which suited his requirements.

Once the service was set up, Hank has managed everything else via the Easyspace control panel which allows the user to select varying service parameters based on need. Any additional support that he has required has been handled via Easyspace live chat.

He added: “Any interaction I’ve had with Easyspace has been straightforward, and I particularly like the live chat for resolving issues quickly. They were always professional and it’s been a good service for me.”

Errol Vanderhorst, sales and marketing director at Easyspace, said: “We are delighted Hank is happy with our service. His profession requires him to be quick off the mark and on top of his game at all times and this mirrors what we do with EasySpace web hosting services. Our live chat facility allows us to be available all day at the click of a button to meet the demands of our current and potential customer base, meaning great communication and fantastic value for money.”

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