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50% off .net domains with Easyspace

50% off .net domains with Easyspace

Easyspace today announced the launch of its .net domain offer, following on from the popularity of the .biz offer it ran in May.

Until 30th June, anyone buying a domain name with Easyspace will be able to purchase any number of .net domain names for just £6.25 each for one year – a saving of 50% on the standard sale price of the domain!

This latest offer comes off the back of what proved a popular offer during May, with customers being offered 40% off of .biz domain name purchases

Easyspace, one of the leading domain name providers in the UK, offers a number of domain services, from simple domain registration through to keyword searching and access to premium domain name auctions. Not only that, Easyspace provides registration services for a vast number of Country Code specific domain names, as well as offering the popular .eu and .mobi extensions alongside the standard .com,, .info etc.

Of the latest offer, Errol Vanderhorst, Sales and Marketing Director for Easyspace, commented “Our .biz promotion during May proved popular with both existing and new customers, providing an alternative to the main .com and extensions. With that in mind we decided to run another offer during June, giving a 50% discount on .net domain registrations.”

“Again, as with the .biz offer, we do realise that .coms and .co.uks are the most popular extensions in the UK, but reducing .nets by 50% in June should provide customers with a viable alternative should their preferred .com already be taken.”

Easyspace domains come with the usual admin features, including MX Control, Name Server Control and web redirection. Customers can also take advantage of £100 Pay Per Click Vouchers with each domain name.

This latest offer comes off the back of a number of product improvements at Easyspace, not least the reduction in price of its Virtual Server range, the introduction of Windows virtual servers and the introduction of improved specification Dedicated Servers.