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40% off .biz domains with Easyspace

40% off .biz domains with Easyspace

Easyspace today announced the launch of its May 2008 special offer, just one of a number of special offers to be rolled out in the coming months.

Until 31st May, all people buying a domain name with Easyspace will be able to purchase any number of .biz domain names for just £7.50 each for one year – a saving of 40% on the standard sale price of the domain!

The offer lasts only until 31st May and is open to both new and existing customers.

This latest offer comes off the back of a number of product improvements at Easyspace, not least the reduction in price of it’s Virtual Server range, but also the introduction of virtual servers and the introduction of improved specification Dedicated Servers.

Of the latest domain related offer, Errol Vanderhorst (Sales and Marketing Director) said “While we realise that .coms and .co.uks are the most popular extensions for domain owners in the UK, we feel giving a significant discount on some of the other Top Level Domains opens up an alternative option if customers preferred .com or is already registered.”

“We’ve also recently added new mailbox and forwarding features to all domain registrations, meaning alternative domains through Easyspace are now a fantastic option.”

Easyspace domains come with the usual admin features, including MX Control, Name Server Control and web redirection. Customers can also take advantage of £100 Pay Per Click Vouchers with each domain name. Visit our domain offers page to find out more.