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Easyspace announces £3000 competition winner

Easyspace announces £3000 competition winner

Easyspace has announced the winner of its recent £3000 Custom Web Design “Worst Website” competition.

With over 500 entries received, Easyspace had a tough task narrowing down to four finalists who would be put to public vote for 2 weeks. However, having gone through all entries, often with great amusement at the creative reasoning sent in, four winners were picked. From this final four, was voted, by the users, the website most in need of the prize.

Congratulations to Mr Godding, owner of the winning website. Easyspace is now in contact with Mr Godding to take forward the re-design of the website.

“We contacted Mr Godding late on Monday afternoon to let him know of his win” said Errol Vanderhorst, Sales and Marketing Director for “He seemed thrilled at the news and we are delighted to now be able to help him, and hopefully his business, by delivering an extensive website re-design worth up to £3000”

The winner, Mr Godding, added “I am absolutely delighted that my website has been voted the winner of Britain’s ‘Ugliest Website’, and wish to thank everyone who has voted for me!”

The two stage competition ran from 10th December with users firstly invited to send in their websites and their explanations as to why they felt they had the Worst Website. From this first stage, Easyspace selected 4 finalists based on site design and reasoning sent in. Those 4 finalists were then put on a poll on where users were invited to place their votes.

Some of the most popular entries amongst Easyspace staff included:

“My husband designed it and it looks like he did (he is a policeman)!! My website is a crime scene……. ”

“In a word… ‘tacky’. My website is tacky; it looks like it was designed by an amateur, and it was. I did it 6 years ago.”

“Because it is bland, stale, uninteresting ,slow, saynothing, donothing, useless.”

“I deserve the web site redesign because my site at the moment is rubbish and I haven’t got a clue how to change it.”