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New Customer Club Competition ready to enter

New Customer Club Competition ready to enter

The August / September Customer Club competition is now open and ready to enter, and we’re giving away another fantastic prize: an “Eternity II Puzzle”

Eternity II is the follow up to Eternity I, one of the fastest selling puzzles of all time, which captured the imagination of thousands of people in the UK 8 years ago when a cheque for £1 million was handed over to a student who successfully solved the puzzle 18 months after launch.

The Eternity II puzzle consists of 256 square pieces that are bordered by coloured patterns which must be aligned across the whole puzzle, and the prize this time around for the first to successfully complete it is $2 million.

To enter, you only have to answer 2 simple questions:

1) What mailbox size comes with Microsoft Hosted Exchange Advanced Mailboxes?
2) What saving can customers make when buying Easyspace web hosting for 2 years?

Both questions are multiple choice. Visit the Customer Club competition page to find out more and enter your answers

Our last competition offered a Nintendo DS with Brain Training Game and the winner was a Mr Warren from Edinburgh, Scotland. Congratulations!