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Easyspace Signup to help offset Carbon Emmissions

Easyspace Signup to help offset Carbon Emmissions

Easyspace has signed up with CoCo2 to help offset the Carbon Emissions generated by the server that is hosted on.

CoCo2 will use the money donated by Easyspace to fund various projects, from purchasing carbon offsets to offset the impact of registered websites (including on the environment, to planting trees in the UK and supplying energy efficient lighting to low income villagers in South Africa amongst other things.

According to CoCo2 “Carbon Offsetting is a method by which you can minimise your impact on the environment. For every ton of CO2 your activities produce you can reduce somebody else’s activities by the same amount.

For example, if the electricity generated that your website consumes is equivelant to 1 ton of CO2 emmitted per year then we could plant trees that take 1 ton of carbon out of the atmosphere.”

To make your website carbon neutral and/or to list your site in the CoCo2 directory please visit