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Easyspace Launch new Customer Control Panel

Easyspace Launch new Customer Control Panel

Easyspace this week launched its new and improved customer Control Panel. The new Control Panel, with its improved layout, simplified processes and new features has been in development over recent months and, like the recent shop changes, takes into account customer feedback, internal feedback and ongoing testing.

Improved Layout

Following feedback from our customers we’ve made some fantastic changes to the layout, and overall “feel” of the control panel. Less clicks. Faster results!

Fast Search

Our team have integrated a “prediction” style search option to every section of your control panel, no more hunting through a long list of domain names!

Speed Enhancements

No one likes a slow website, especially when you’re in a rush! We’ve made a lot of changes “under the hood” as well as optimising the code for each page to leave you with a faster, slicker and more efficient experience in your control panel.

“Tabbed” Service Control

The old phrase “less is more” has been applied liberally throughout our new design, now you control all aspects of your service within one functional area.

Revamped DNS Modification

Off the back of yet more customer feedback we have completely changed how you action and make your DNS amendments.

Simplified Email Management

We’ve made large changes to this section of the control panel. You can now accomplish many of the email related tasks quicker and easier than ever before.

Integrated Shop

Now it’s even easier to get that essential upgrade for your website hosting! Or even the new domain you’ve been after! Our recently re-developed shop is now plugged straight into the Control Panel!

And much more…if your already a customer of Easyspace, login and see for yourself!