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Easyspace launch Virtual Server Packages

Easyspace launch Virtual Server Packages

Easyspace this week launched new Virtual Server packages to compliment its other web hosting offerings.

Starting at only £19.95 per month, the Standard Virtual Server package offers 128Mb Dedicated RAM, Celeron 1.0GHz CPU, 10Gb Disk Space, 2IP addresses, Plesk/Virtuozzo Control Panels and an uptime of 99.99%.

At a slightly higher specification, and at £39.95 per month, the Premium Virtual Server package offers similar features as the Standard package, but boasts a Pentium 4 1.6GHz CPU, 256Mb Dedicated RAM and 40Gb Disk space.

Virtual Servers, as the names suggests, are virtually dedicated. This means that while the user experiences a similar service to a fully Dedicated Server, they are actually sharing server space with a small number of other customers.

However, by utilising state of the art server partitioning software, a Virtual Server runs entirely independently of all other accounts sharing space and resources on the server.

Each user account on the server is given the same control over their part of the Virtual Server, acting as though it is the only account on the server. This setup also allows for consistently high performance, even in the event of usage peaks on the main server. All users are invisible to each other and totally secure!

This consistent high performance and flexibility makes Virtual Servers an ideal hosting solution for businesses and individuals who often have high levels of traffic on their sites, or for whom shared hosting has become too restrictive. Virtual hosting sets you free at a fraction of the cost of fully dedicated servers.

Visit the Easyspace Virtual Server package pages to find out more