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Getting Seen on the Internet

Getting Seen on the Internet

A case for more forums, blogs and linking

For the uninitiated, being seen on the internet is simply a business of buying a domain and a hosting package, putting up a web site and that is it! Oh that it were so simple.

We sometimes get complaints like “Why does my website not come up in Google. What are you going to do about it?”

Unfortunately there is an awful lot more to be done. We can help get the ball rolling, though not provide the compete answer. The fact is that getting a site listed in a search engine is difficult and to ensure that your site comes out top or near the top against the searches your customers make will be even more so.

Firstly, web pages must be built with search engines in mind, using meta tags, keywords, page titles as well as content. Secondly it is important to make the search engines aware that the site is there to be sought – by submitting the site to them. It must be remembered that no search engine records all pages published on the internet, so we must try to think about what sort of things will encourage a search engine to list our site.

Submitting a site is made easy by our EasyWebSubmit product. But neither it nor any other search engine submission software can guarantee where your site will appear in the search engine rankings.

Search engines want to highlight all those sites that are active and of most interest to their users. So the more places your site or its contents are mentioned, the more likely your site is to be picked up and given some prominence. How can you do this?

Firstly you can start a blog publishing regular daily comment with links to your web sites as well as linking your web sites back to the blog(s). Don’t overdo it though. If overdone, the site could be down rated. Swapping links with other sites with complimentary interests can help. Many will do this, though some may start pushing towards a pay per click (PPC) arrangement, something that is offered through many search engines see our Mirago and MIVA services and should be separately looked into. Thirdly mentions in forum posts will also increase the chances of being picked up.

Make no mistake, however, that getting a web site to the top in search engines is a hard job and needs continual effort, just as the search engines will constantly be changing how they rank pages in trying to get the best result for the searcher.

It is easy to get domain names and blogs with our new keyword search, so go on, get up those rankings.

Good luck!