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Easyspace launch Customer Club

Easyspace launch Customer Club

Easyspace this week launched their new Customer Club, a scheme created to reward current and new customers for their loyalty.

The reward scheme works similar to other well known club schemes in that customers will earn points for carrying out various activities such as buying a service, renewing a service and referring friends, family members or colleagues to Easyspace.

A generous 10 points will be offered to customers for every £1 they spend on a new service, with the customer receiving a further 5 points per £1 spent when they renew the service. Customers will also receive bonus points for every new customer they bring to Easyspace.

What can customers do with their club points? Customers will be able to redeem their points against Easyspace services including domain names, web hosting and email services– effectively allowing the purchase of these services by using collected points rather than money.

As well as being able to redeem points against Easyspace services, customers can also take advantage of the great partnerships developed with both and Computer Active magazine.

Customers can redeem their points against £5, £10 and £15 gift vouchers and 6 and 12 month Computer Active subscriptions.

Aside from the loyalty point incentives, customers will also have access to monthly competitions, special offers and much more.

The launch of the Customer Club is seen by Easyspace as an important step for the company and it’s customers in what is becoming an incredibly competitive market. With reduced costs, unlimited features and developing partnerships all being used to generate new customers and keep current customers, Easyspace believe the Customer Club will be an effective incentive tool – and one which can be built upon with more offers, more partnerships and developing more ways in which customers can accumulate club points.

“We’ve developed the Customer Club as a thank you to existing customers, but also as an incentive to potential new customers. Like other companies, we can (and do) bundle more features into packages and reduce the costs for the customer, but we feel that rewarding the customer throughout their time with us, rather than only on initial signup, is a far better approach” states Easyspace Managing Director Sarah Haran.

“Customers will be able to earn loyalty points each time they buy and renew with Easyspace, allowing them to then buy further services using their collected points rather than money.”

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