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Easyspace launch a business package for the SME industry

Easyspace launch a business package for the SME industry

Starting and running your very own business is a tough responsibility no matter what industry you are in.

HR, Operations, Marketing, Sales, not to mention the numerous legislations and laws that must be adhered to, are just some of the areas in which you will have to keep control to increase the odds of success. The internet can be a vital tool in effectively coordinating the above areas as well as allowing for high level communications with customers, partners and employees.

So how do you get online? How do you go about getting a domain name or setting up your emails? What hosting package should you buy? How do you make sure your connections and emails are virus and spam free? How do you get started in building a web site? Should you install broadband?

Easyspace have tried to answer all of this for you by launching the SME package. Ideal for business startups and established companies, the SME package offers you everything needed to give your business a cost effective Internet presence combining some of the best selling products in one simple-to-setup bundle.

The package includes:

– Domain Name
– Platinum Web hosting
– 3 Page website or premium design
– 10 email accounts for your domain
– Anti Virus technology for your email accounts
– Email filters to protect your inbox from junk and spam
– Internet Security Software
– A Blog – Feature on the UFindUs Business Directory
– Broadband Connection options

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