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Easyspace announces re-development of

Easyspace announces re-development of

This week has been yet another significant period in the ongoing service development process for web host Easyspace.

Having just launched 2 new products – the Easyspace Blogs and the Easyspace Affiliate scheme – and recently announcing major changes to its customer service and customer support efforts, including increased staff levels and a new telephone support system, Easyspace has now given its web site a complete overhaul.

With so much focus on improving customer experience, the Easyspace web site has not had the development attention its owners would have liked since take over some 18 months ago. Now that a strong improvement plan is in place for the continuing development of its customer relations, Easyspace has been able to turn some of its development focus to, since takeover, has gone through several slight upgrades and occasional additions but has never, until now, been subject to such a concentrated re-development. Rather than upgrading existing pages, the Easyspace team have re-built the whole site from the ground up. While updating existing pages would have been easier in terms of time commitments, re-building has allowed the team to use more modern coding methods and techniques, in turn delivering a faster, more reliable online service.

The site, in terms of branding and general page layout, remains similar to the site of old. Developments have centered on improving usability for users, with a more structured approach to internal linking and page relationships, and a genuine attempt at following SEO, accessibility and W3C guidelines where practically possible. Out-of-date HTML tags and redundant lines of code have been replaced with dynamic PHP and W3C level HTML and CSS, and use has been made of numerous ad-ons to take the site functionality above and beyond the level expected by customers.

The priorities and objectives of the developments have been based mainly on the feedback received from customers over the last 18 months and a common sense realisation that the site had to be updated to reflect the improved Easyspace service and new product offerings.

An Easyspace spokesperson said “Times have changed and the Easyspace service has moved on leaps and bounds since we took it over 18 months ago. There has been massive improvement in customer communications and support as well as developments and roll-outs of new Easyspace products. We felt the time was right to reflect these improvements through the functionality and usability of our web site.”