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Service improvements at

Service improvements at

The last few months have seen some major developments and improvements to the service provided by Driven by customer demand, we have introduced a new telephone support service to make life easier for customers needing assistance.

After a recruitment and training drive earlier in the year, we now boasts a telephone technical support team with the highest levels of technical knowledge and the deepest understandings of customer service.

In addition to the new telephone support team, we have also developed their ‘Raise a ticket’ system, allowing support staff to track and act on all customer enquiries quickly and efficiently. Add to this the recently increased numbers of email support staff and the user friendly improvements to their online helpdesk and it becomes clear that we regard customer service as an extremely important part of our offering and are focused on continuing to develop and improve it.

Perhaps most importantly, we have placed various feedback links around the website and encourage all users to use them. We are taking all feedback seriously and are using it to help shape service development plans for the year ahead.