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New .UK Domain Name Launched Today

New .UK Domain Name Launched Today


The new .UK domain name has finally arrived. It is a modern domain for the future – allowing UK values to reach worldwide. This shorter, sharper – mobile & search engine friendly domain is predicted to be very popular.

Benefits of registering and using a .UK ?

  • .UK is new – show you do business in the UK
    People in the UK – prefer .uk websites when searching or buying on-line
  • Be friendlier to mobile users
    Every character counts! Make it easier for users to find your website
  • Tell Google you are part of the UK
    Websites with the .uk domain extension may rank higher for searches made within UK

One of the first people to switch to a .uk domain is comedian & tech enthusiast Stephen Fry

Fret no more, people of Britain. The day of .uk is upon us. And team — as with all things — is proud to be ahead of the curve, or at least cresting it,” he said.


You can now register your .UK domain at Easyspace, at our dedicated .UK Domain Name page.

If you are an existing customer we have prepared a list that you can get right away, all you have to do is login to your control panel by clicking here >>