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.XYZ – The Domain For Every Website, Everywhere

.XYZ – The Domain For Every Website, Everywhere


The coolest branding opportunity to hit the internet has arrived. .xyz – the domain for every website, everywhere – is now available from Easyspace.

If you haven’t yet heard, .xyz is the next generation generic domain. It’s for trendsetters, thought leaders, movement shapers and those who want to add a certain attitude to their online appearance. It’s also for those who want a great web address that internet users will notice, remember and visit (probably frequently!). Just try to forget .xyz… we dare you!

Visit our XYZ Domain Names page to search for your .xyz extension.


Here’s your chance to get the domain you always at a web address you wish you’d dreamt of. You can register your trademark or a variation thereof, your company name, or the generic term that corresponds to your industry. You can get a short, shiny name for your blog or new product launch. The opportunities are endless. As long as you act fast.

Visit our XYZ Domain Names page to search for your .xyz extension.


Why Register a .XYZ Domain Extension?

• XYZ is used daily worldwide, as a short, easy to remember phrase. These letters will leave an indelible impression on your customers, making your website easier than ever to remember and locate online.

• XYZ is composed of three letters, just like other popular extensions, bringing a familiar quality to this innovative new extension.

• .xyz is purely generic! It’s short and memorable without being tied to a particular industry or niche. So you can make a bold statement with your website when connecting with your audience anywhere in the world.

• .xyz is already on everyone’s minds and has received significant media coverage from esteemed publications such as CNET, Quartz, and Fox Business. With a .xyz domain, you join a global community with a large, forward-thinking and innovative voice.

• Simply put: .xyz is the next generation of the internet, for every website, everywhere. Register your .xyz today.


Visit our XYZ Domain Names page to search for your .xyz extension.