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Are you looking for .Solutions, .Support, .Training ?

Are you looking for .Solutions, .Support, .Training ?

5 new domain name extensions have been released today by Easyspace: .Solutions, .Support, .Training, .Email and .Builders.

As is standard, these domain name extensions will be available on a first come, first served basis from the Easyspace website

.Solutions, .Support, .Training
– these will appeal to businesses either involved in this area e.g. sales training, software solutions, software training, etc. However, they will also appeal to businesses which want to create a separate website dedicated to their customer support e.g. – a website where they can direct their customers who need support.

 .Builders – this will obviously be popular for building businesses of all types – large and small. It immediately describes what a business does, and will quite possibly be the default domain name extension for builders in future. It will be interesting to see how Google ranks sites using the .builders extension which includes a geographical element to it – there’s potential that some builders could generate more enquiries from owning a regional .builders extension e.g.,,,, etc

 .Email – an excellent memorable extension that can be used for business or personal use. For example, it’s an ideal domain extension to own and set up email addresses for your family e.g. register and set up email addresses for all the family e.g.,,, etc….

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