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WordPress Most Popular Plugins

WordPress Most Popular Plugins

One of the best reasons why WordPress is so popular is because of the user friendly design options. If you have zero knowledge of web coding, HTML know-how, etc then thanks to WordPress you can still build an extremely awesome website with all the desired options.

With a database of over 22k plugins, WordPress offers a huge number of features right from enhancing the social media marketing to the SEO analysis, and many other unbelievable options that are constantly improving with time, to serve the users at the drag of their mouse.

Easyspace offers WordPress web hosting on many of our hosting packages. WordPress really is not only an easy way to get your personal or business website setup, but it is a very easy way to control & manage your website. With WordPress you can ensure that your website not only looks professional, but also performs to the highest of standards too.

Here are the top 30 most popular plugins available to give your WordPress website a real boost:

* This Infographic is Courtesy of ‘WordPress Template‘ and Designed by ‘Graphs