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Shorter .uk internet domain proposed

Shorter .uk internet domain proposed

The internet registry Nominet, who oversee the .uk domain space are proposing to offer UK based firms  a shorter domain name extension.

The plans would allow the registration of .UK domain extensions e.g. ““. Anybody interested in having a .UK domain would have to prove they have a UK presence.

Currently Easyspace  offers a range of  net addresses ending in .uk e.g.,,,,, etc. Nominet propose that a .uk would be a new and different service that would sit alongside the already known, respected and trusted options such as,, etc.

As reported by Nominet, the UK internet economy is estimated to be worth £121 billion and growing – with security, ease of use and choice becoming ever more important.

Apart from showing you have a local presence within the United Kingdom, giving your brand far more relevance to customers within the UK market place, there are numerous advantages to registering a UK domain name such as a “.CO.UK” domain extension e.g. :

  • Be part of a growing market
    according to latest research, the UK’s internet economy is growing at around 10% each year , so it’s highly recommended to get your business online
  • is trusted
    4 in 5 people in the UK prefer “UK” websites when searching or buying on-line
  • says you do business in the UK says you believe in a safe, trusted experience for your customers.
  • Higher search engine ranking
    websites with .uk domain extension may rank higher for searches made within UK

A shorter .uk internet domain would no doubt be popular – with such a service helping to create an even more trusted online home for British businesses. Nominet has now begun a 3 month consultation on its .uk proposal.

By providing a .uk domain, Nominet will further support the economic growth of the UK internet. The new service will be known as “” and will mainly target businesses which want to operate online with a new shorter domain extension ending in .uk rather than

Nominet stated the potential additional features of the proposed new .uk product could help to create an even more secure online home for British businesses. This could include:

  • Verification to check a registrant has a UK address
  • Daily monitoring for malicious software and viruses
  • A digital signature which minimises the risks of a domain name being hijacked

This is an exciting proposal by Nominet, and you can be assured that if the shorter .uk internet domain extension becomes reality, Easyspace will be among the first to provide it in the UK.