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Personal .ME Domain Names

Personal .ME Domain Names

Numerous businesses use .ME domain names such as . Also, many businesses that use a .com extension have also registered a .ME domain – either to secure it for trademark reasons or to develop it.

However, another group who registered .ME domains were people who wanted to use it for their personal websites.

.ME Advantages

A quick snapshot of some of the many advantages of .me domain names are:

1. Unique Personal Brand
Having a personal or family website with a blog or photo album, in combination with a .me domain extension will enable you to create a unique personal brand online. A .ME domain is personal – and provides and amazing personal tone when you use such a domain extension on your website. They are great for promoting your personal brand.

2. Catchy & easy to remember
When telling friends or people you’ve just met what your website is, you want to be able to give them a web address that is easy for them to remember – and a .ME is perfect for that. It’s easy for people to remember.

3. Lots of .ME domain extensions still available
One of the most popular domain extensions that people want are .com’s, and as a result the odds are has already been registered by somebody else – unless you have an unusual name. However, you have a much better chance of securing your .ME domain extension than a .com. So, if you’re quick you may be lucky enough to register your personal .ME domain extension today. View our .ME domain page to check if it’s still available.

Personal .ME Success Stories

Successful .ME personal websites include leaders in the business world: (Zee M Kane, TheNextWeb CEO) (blogger and social media expert) (Head of Business Development at SEOMoz)

.ME is a real phenomenon among domain names, with its unforgettable meaning and never-ending word combinations. .Me adds a truly personal tone to your domain names.

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There are numerous ways in which a .ME domain can be used, why not consider some of the following:
Perfect solution for setting up your personal website / blog, online resume, bio and much more!
By registering full name domain name with .me extension, you could provide all family members with their own website [] and personalized email address []
Ideal for setting up your photo album, private website, blog or social profile.
…and much more!

For Example: Job Hunters

Since .ME domain websites are great for advertising and promoting yourself, they are increasingly being used by people who are job hunting or seeking a career change.

While the economy is depressed, the job market is very competitive. Job hunters need to set themselves apart from the competition. Promoting yourself is more important than ever. Getting noticed by prospective employers, and showing them you are the right person for the job e.g. with your online CV on your personal .ME website will help you get attention from those hiring.

Sending out your CV on paper is increasingly outdated. Showing you’re up to date with the online world, will make you more visible to employers. An eye catching .ME personal website, will enable you to create a powerful online personal brand and thereby help promote you and your abilities. Many people are using a .ME domain to create a personal website to promote their resume – why don’t you?

.ME is all about YOU!

Possibilities are endless, so if you have a great original idea for a domain name, register your .Me before it’s taken and the Internet will simply be all about you!

Check now to see if your .ME domain name is still available