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FREE WHOIS Privacy with all new .CO domain registrations

FREE WHOIS Privacy with all new .CO domain registrations

Easyspace, a leading UK domain name and web hosting provider for small and medium businesses, is happy to launch a FREE WHOIS Privacy package with any new .co domain registrations throughout June 2011.

As part of this offer Easyspace is offering 46% off the standard price all .co domain registrations. Both offers are available to all new and existing customers when they register new .co domains.

WHOIS Privacy, also known as private domain registration, protects all Easyspace customers from having their personal contact details displayed on the Internet for anyone to access.

Every time someone register a web addresses, the personal contact details (full name, address and telephone number) are entered into a public database, called the Whois Database. This information becomes fully available to the outside world at any time. This means the domain owner has no control over who collects his/her personal details and how this information is used.

Using WHOIS Privacy safeguards personal info from spammers, name hijackers, data minders, email harvesters, and identity thieves while obeying ICANN regulations. With WHOIS Privacy, personal information is kept confidential and all requests to view whois details are sent directly to the domain owner who can choose whether or not to respond.

‘Private domain registration is a great service that we are happy to offer for free to new .co domain customers throughout June.’ stated Sarah Harran, Easyspace MD.

Sarah continued: ‘Several Easyspace customers are highly concerned about having such information ‘out there’ for anyone to access. We are fully aware of their concerns and we wanted to give a chance to all new .co customers to take advantage of this great product and give them the comfort that personal details are not being abused.’

WHOIS Privacy can be also purchased for existing domain names for just £5 per domain year. Customers with domains such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .cc, .tv, .name, .me, .co, etc are urged to purchase WHOIS Privacy to gain a little extra privacy.

For further information visit the special domain name offers pages or call sales team on 0370 755 5088