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Easyspace Launches Whois Privacy Service For .Me Domain Names

Easyspace Launches Whois Privacy Service For .Me Domain Names

Easyspace is delighted to announce the availability of its Whois Privacy service for new and existing .Me domain name extension customers.

Already available for .Com, .Net, .Org and other Top Level Domain Names through Easyspace, the expansion to also cover .Me domains allows new and current customers to protect the registration details of their .Me domains, preventing access to personal information which would otherwise be made available to any member of the public looking for it.

While common knowledge to those in the industry, it’s not always known by regular domain owners that personal or business details used to register domain names is eventually made public. Name, email address, postal address and telephone number are just some of the bits of information made fully available on the internet through Whois Lookup sites. Domain owners, therefore, have little control over who then reads that information, and equally little control over what those readers then choose to do with it. Unsolicited Mail is to domain owners email addresses is just one of the options.

This is a real situation regardless of who a person registers their domain names with.

Whois Privacy is a service which replaces a domain owners registration details in the public domain with details completely un-related to the owner. As a result, the service prevents personal information from failing into the wrong hands. For only £5.00 per year, per domain, customers can sign up for this service to give themselves the peace of mind that their personal details are safe and not at risk of misuse.

New and existing .Me domain owners can now signup for this service through Easyspace to protect their registration details

A spokesperson for Easyspace commented on the launch of Whois Privacy for .me domain names by saying:

“Our Whois Privacy service was introduced in response to the demand of our valued customers who wish to keep their domain registration details confidential.  By opting to use this service, domain owners can ensure that their details are not made available to the general public, helping them to retain their anonymity.”

“The addition of this service to our .me domains will no doubt strengthen the already growing appeal of these web addresses to businesses and individuals looking to strengthen their online presence.”

Add Whois Privacy to your domains today.