Following recent announcement about the new .Tel Blackberry and iPhone free open-source applications, Telnic, the official .Tel registry, has now announced the release of its free plug-in application for Microsoft Outlook.

Telnic is releasing a number of .Tel applications that allow users to search and manage .Tel domains quickly and easily without the need to use the web. The .Tel plug-in enables anyone with Outlook to have their address book updated dynamically.

The free Outlook application allows users to:

  • Directly lookup a .Tel domain inside Outlook, including private information from friends
  • Search for a .Tel domain inside Outlook
  • Add any .Tel domain as a new contact or associate it with an existing contact
  • Refresh all the .Tel information in your address book with a single click
  • Send ‘friending’ requests and accept or decline them depending on your TelFriends status
  • Quickly change your .Tel profile to make sure your contacts reach you the way you want

The free .Tel Outlook application is available for download from

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