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Windows Virtual Servers now available from Easyspace

Windows Virtual Servers now available from Easyspace

Easyspace, one of the largest Virtual Server providers in the UK, is now offering Windows based Virtual Private Servers to sit alongside its existing Linux based VPS products.

In line with the existing Linux packages, Windows Virtual Servers are being sold as Standard and Premium packages, costing £11.95 per month and £22.95 per month respectively. Additionally, like the existing Linux offering, Windows servers are available with Dual Xeon Processors, up to 512MB dedicated Ram and up to 40GB HD.

Easyspace had become one of the leading suppliers of Virtual Private Servers in the UK before offering a Windows alternative, and already a large demand for the Windows option has been realised. With competitive pricing and ever improving technical specifications, Easyspace are confident they can remain one of the leading providers of high performance, low cost, virtual server products.

“Our VPS products are tailored to customer requirements and demand, not just on price, but also on spec. This focus appears to be working with the company seeing a continual increase in the numbers of Virtual Servers being sold” said Errol Vanderhorst, Sales and Marketing Director at Easyspace.

“The launch of a Windows option only seems to have increased the interest in our Virtual Server range, and we’ll continue to make sure it is developed as a product, like the Linux alternative, based on what our customers are looking for.”

The launch of a Windows Virtual Server option means that all server solutions offered by Easyspace shared hosting, Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers) are available with either Windows or Linux setups.

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