Microsoft 365 Get the latest Microsoft Office software for your corporation

Microsoft 365 works across multiple platforms and devices

Key Microsoft 365 benefits for businesses

  • Access your email, documents, calendar and contacts anytime, anywhere and on nearly any device you use.
  • Easily communicate and collaborate with staff and clients. Work wherever you are. Share files, stay in sync with your team. With Microsoft 365 you can get your work done.
  • Business-class features such as phone support, disaster recovery, geo-redundancy and a, guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  • Simple pricing options - including Pay-as-you-go, enabling you to add or reduce your Microsoft 365 features, depending on your business requirements at any given time.
  • Onboard email messaging.

Microsoft 365 Customer Stories

Aston Martin and Microsoft 365...

See how the luxury car maker - Aston Martin used Microsoft 365 to streamline operations.

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Microsoft 365 Online Business Solutions for Large Businesses

anywhere anytime Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office, anywhere, anytime

With Microsoft 365 cloud services, large businesses can benefit from not having to deploy physical infrastructure like file and e-mail servers or storage systems. Best of all, the "anywhere, anytime" availability of these solutions, means pain-free collaboration among business partners and employees.

Access large mailboxes, shared calendars and contacts

The business-class email is built on the world’s leading business email solution technology: Exchange email. Have a professional email address using your own custom domain. Ability to connect to Outlook which provides a comprehensive featured offline support, with email access across any modern web browser. Work on more than one device

Your employees email will look the same on each device, for every login. Microsoft 365 is available on your PC or Mac, as well as Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices.

365 video conferencing

Online meetings, Video conferencing

Easily arrange scheduled or ad hoc meetings – online you can meet wherever you are, including via video meetings. You and up to 250 people can meet and connect online, with screen sharing, audio and video, virtual whiteboards, polls, and shared notes.

Share files online and store documents

With a massive 1TB storage space in the cloud you can store, backup, sync and share files easily – accessible from nearly any device. You can work on documents with teammates, share reports with business partners, or connect with customers.

private social networking with Microsoft 365

Encourage teamwork with a private social network

With Microsoft 365’s Yammer you can easily set up a private social network that helps your company stay connected, quickly bringing staff together to collaborate on files, planning projects and more.

Microsoft 365 support

Technical support

Microsoft 365 subscriptions will have 24/7 technical support, backed up by a global network of technical experts, that are ready to help you. Critical, service-impacting events comes with a 1 hour response time.

Straight-forward Microsoft 365 management

Straightforward IT management

It will be hassle-free managing your IT infrastructure with Microsoft 365. Your content will be securely stored in datacentres distributed worldwide, offering trusted, on-going backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Microsoft 365 is stable and resilient

99.9% uptime service level agreement

With a financially backed SLA you will have added confidence that your services will be available when you need them.

Microsoft 365 Will change how you work and how companies consume IT

Work from anywhere, anytime

You will always have the most up-to-date versions of the files and tools you need to get things done. Office 365 will maximise the productivity of staff wherever they are (online or offline) and let them work on any device.

Bring everyone together

With Office 365 teams can come together, work together and keep each other informed. With access to business-class email, shared calendars, IM and web conferencing staff can come together in a secure environment.

Save money

With Office 365’s simple pay as you go monthly subscription you will only pay for what you need. You no longer need to purchase servers and software, which helps reduce capital and administrative costs..

Always up to date

Thanks to cloud technology your Office 365 will always be the most up to date version – with tools & features all updated automatically. So you will always be working with the latest version of your favourite applications.

Reduce hardware costs

Office 365 can save businesses money by reducing the need for technology equipment and maintenance. For example, you don’t need to worry about updating on-premises servers.

License per user

You pay a predictable, monthly cost based on your actual usage of the service and you always have the latest software updates. Each user can have access to business critical technology on 5 PCs/Macs and 5 mobile devices.

Scalable & Flexible

Office 365 is fully scalable to the needs of your business. Easily add or remove users depending on staff changes. Adding a new user is as simple as buying an additional license.

Pay only for what you use

Office 365 plans are cost effective and flexible, provided at a price you can afford, no matter what your organisation's size and requirements are.

Buy Online Get Microsoft 365 online today

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

from £3.95 user/month

Save £12 /user on annual purchase

  • includes Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office online
  • 50GB email & 1TB storage
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Microsoft 365 Business Apps

£6.95 user/month

Save £12 /user on annual purchase

  • Word Application Included Full Microsoft Excel Application Included Full Microsoft Powerpoint Application Included Full Microsoft Outlook Application Included Full Microsoft Publisher Application Included Full Microsoft Office Applications Included
  • Tablet & Mobile Office Suite
  • Up to 5 installs per license
  • Online conferencing
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Microsoft 365 Business Standard

£8.95 user/month

Save £12 /user on annual purchase

  • Full Microsoft Office Applications Included Full Microsoft Office Applications Included Full Microsoft Office Applications Included Full Microsoft Office Applications Included Full Microsoft Office Applications Included Full Microsoft Office Applications Included Full Microsoft Office Applications Included
  • 50GB email & 1TB storage
  • Share files
  • Sync with your team
  • Share calendars
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