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As an ICANN accredited Domain Name Registrar Easyspace know the issues when it comes to managing domain names across lots of different accounts. Over the years we have strived to make this more manageable and streamlined for ourselves, it simply makes our lives easier, and is always more cost effective.

So, we got to thinking…

Why not offer a FREE Domain moving service for our customers? It makes complete sense to simplify renewals, invoices, and our customer’s overheads. We have all the experience, know-how and ability to make any transfer seamless.

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FeaturesManaged Domain Name Transfers.

Lots of customers come to us, confused with what companies they have domain names registered with, who is the main contact, and how much everything costs. Our service takes away the uncertainty and gives assurance, cost saving, and transparency. Whilst charges will be applied for the extra year on certain Top Level Domain Names (e.g. .com, .net, etc.) you can be rest assured that we will strive to beat any renewal price you are quoted.

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easyspace review

January 2020

very happy with easyspace

I've been using Easyspace for business purposes now for quite a few years and I am very happy with their products and customer service. I literally have never had a problem with them. They are easy to get on the phone, they answer all of my questions, they help me when I don't know how to do something, and their prices are quite reasonable. I honestly could not be more pleased with their customer service. Anyone I've ever dealt with in the company, whether it's technical support or sales, had been incredibly patient, helpful, and genuinely delightful!

Roxy Taylor

Move your domains to Easyspace

Our specialists take the headaches away and put you in control of your IT. We can help you setup your domain name, web hosting and website.

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