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How To Create A Money-Making Online Course


There has been a massive growth in the global e-learning market. From the comfort of their own homes people can logon to the internet and learn about whatever they want whether it’s how to make cups cakes, how to make candles, how to dance, how to lose weight, how to take better photographs or a million other things that may catch their interest. While sites like YouTube can provide a quick video on how to do little tasks, there is now an increasing number of websites catering to a wide range of markets – offering detailed courses on lots of different subjects. Many of these websites are satisfying a hunger that people have for gaining new knowledge – and many of these sites are making a lot of money.

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Mobilegeddon is here


From today (April 21) if your website isn’t mobile friendly you could be in trouble.

Google has updated its search algorithms to give preference to what’s described as ‘mobile friendliness’ which means that its search results pages will now favour those websites that have been optimised to work well on mobile devices.

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Get organised

Mr Organised

Did you begin 2015 with any New Years resolutions? Are you still sticking with them or have they fallen by the wayside? If your resolution has failed already, then you’re in the majority – over 90% of resolutions fail by the end of January.

But why do so many peoples resolutions fail so soon? Probably because they got distracted. Possibly a lack of focus meant they weren’t able to concentrate on building good habits, and instead stuck with the old bad habits. Odds are they just didn’t plan ahead well enough – most likely they need to get better organised.

How well organised are you? Are you easily distracted? Prone to procrastination? Do you need help to stay on track, towards achieving your goals? Do you feel snowed under with work? Are you losing tracking of emails, forgetting about tasks and losing your to-do list? Are you finding it difficult to co-ordinate projects with colleagues? Do you need to get more organised?

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Interview with Gideon Shalwick – YouTuber, Video Marketer & founder of


Gideon Shalwick is one of the biggest stars of video and YouTube marketing. He is passionate about everything to do with online video and using it to grow his online businesses. He is a video marketer who loves teaching people how to become better video bloggers.

Gideon has founded numerous online businesses including Spasheo, which helps people make their videos look professional, with the help of tools such as intros, outros and animated logos, etc.

Gideon’s latest business is, a platform which enables people to get traffic from Youtube Video Ads.

Gideon Shalwick – who is based in Australia – shares so many great tips in this interview – including how he learnt about online marketing, getting traffic, SEO, etc – plus he explains the importance of using video in your website.

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10 of the best business podcasts


Do you need some inspiration? Do you need to learn some tips on how to promote your website? Podcasts are a great way for website owners & entrepreneurs to develop ideas on how to best manage their online business.

Get inspired by finding out how others grew their websites into profitable businesses. Learn from the people being interviewed on podcasts and be entertained at the same time.

Below are 10 popular podcasts, with great content – including interviews with successful entrepreneurs – which will hopefully inspire & help you to develop your website into a profitable business:

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How to get the most out of Your Support Services


Easyspace offers a range of support services to our customers, including a UK based support centre, staffed with highly trained Support specialists, who are able to advise you accordingly. You can get assistance from our support staff by phone, email or via our customer ticketing system through your customer Control Panel. We have also developed an online support system called Your Support Services which enables people to access detailed instructions on how to use the packages they have registered with us. Continue reading

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Seth Godin uses .LINK


At the time of writing this post, over 70,347 of the new .LINK domain name extensions have been registered, which means .LINK is now in the top 10 of the most popular new GTLD domain name extensions worldwide.

.LINK is short and memorable. It is suitable for a wide range of websites…… Continue reading

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Interview with travel blogger Victoria Brewood, founder of Pommie Travels


Pommie Travels is the travel blog of British girl Victoria Brewood, otherwise known as a ‘pommie’ who set off on her own to explore the world. In 2008 Victoria graduated from university and decided she would be her own boss. So she packed her journalism degree into her suitcase to work remotely and live a location independent lifestyle. Since then she has been to over 40 countries and has had some pretty epic adventures.

Pommie Travels is a useful travel resource, packed with destination advice. Victoria has been nominated for “Travel Blogger of the Year” at the British Travel Press Awards, as well as being nominated for “Best Female Blogger” in the Skyscanner ‘Bloscars’.

Easyspace recently caught up with Victoria, to ask her some questions about her life as a travel blogger:

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50 Cent is in da .CLUB. Are you?


The new domain name extension .CLUB has become one of the most popular new domain name extension released so far. With approx 1 Billion search results on Google for “club” there is a lot of people who want to get there hands on a .club domain name extension – it’s an extension that has huge potential, since it is suitable for a large variety of names.

One person who was sharp enough to understand the benefits of owning a .CLUB domain name is the award-winning rapper, actor and entrepreneur, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who in May last year launched his own .CLUB fan site at Continue reading

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.Cymru and .Wales follow .Scot into General Availability


This Sunday (March 1st) is St David’s Day and to mark this year’s annual celebration of the patron saint of Wales, the new domain name extensions .cymru and .wales will become available for everyone to purchase from midday.

The rise of these new country domains are a way of increasing consumer trust in geographical brands. The Scottish Government has already pointed its main website towards .scot and the Welsh Government also has plans to switch its domain from to .wales in the near future.

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