Just a quick post to make you aware of a rather annoying and concerning set of SPAM and Phishing emails that are doing the rounds amongst domain name registrars including Easyspace.

These emails are not from Easyspace.  This bunch are basically phishing for your bank and card details, and not only will your domain name NOT be renewed, but you will also be unable to buy that well-deserved drink at the end of the week, as someone may have spent all your money!

If you are unsure if an email is genuine please contact us  – https://www.easyspace.com/support-services/easyspace

Update WC 8th November 2021

We are still seeing emails from SPAM and Phishing users being sent to customers of hosting and domain name companies.  They look this this one below.  Some of them link to a website that looks like Easyspace – but it isn’t.

Please ignore these emails, even if they look like they are from Easyspace.  If in doubt – call us on 0370 755 5088.

Subject: OVH

Update – 23rd September 2021

Emails are being issued to clients from a sender “EASYSPACE” with subject “Important Message”

So, if you see an email like this – mark it as SPAM and block it.

August 2019

The emails are from DOMAIN SERVICE and usually have the subjects – “<yourdomain> FINAL NOTICE”.

So, if you see an email like this – mark it as SPAM and block it. You deserve a drink, after all.

Warm regards,

The Easyspace team.