Easyspace is pleased to announce that we are one of the sponsors of the New Media Europe conference in September 2015. This unique conference is aimed at podcasters, bloggers, social media visionaries, content creators, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and new media enthusiasts.

This 2 day event is being held in Manchester, 12-13th September 2015 at the Midland Hotel. If you are interested in learning about the effective use of new media tools ‒ such as podcasting, blogging and social media, then this is the conference for you. This will be one of the most outstanding new media conferences to hit Europe in 2015.

There will be numerous fantastic speakers sharing their stories, advice, tips & tricks. Many of those speaking are leaders in their niches, such as podcasting expert Cliff Ravenscraft or social media expert Amy Schmittauer, and many more.

Keynote Speakers


……and many more!…..

Over this two-day event, you will have the chance to attend over 24 sessions presented by some of the best speakers in the world. Whether it’s general ‘know-how’ sessions, technical workshops or inspiring keynote speeches ‒ you are going to be given a huge amount of valuable information covering new media knowledge, ideas and inspiration that will benefit you & your website.

Also included will be Networking events throughout the whole weekend, allowing you to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Why Should You Attend?

Be inspired by like-minded individuals and experts – such as Natalie Sisson. You will have the opportunity to meet other podcasters, bloggers, marketers, social media visionaries, content creators, entrepreneurs and new media enthusiasts! Attending will help entrepreneurs and businesses by meeting and listening to world-class experts. If you want to get a clear understanding on new media, then this is the conference for you.


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New Media Europe:
12th-13th September 2015

Midland Hotel
6 Peter St,
M60 2DS