If you’ve got a camera, an internet connection and an opinion, then you have everything you need to make a video blog (vlog). Thanks partly to improved camera technologies in smartphones and thanks to YouTube, vlogging is becoming more popular than ever.

Nowadays it’s not just businesses that are making videos – all kinds of people are uploading videos of themselves to sites such as YouTube – from teenage girls doing makeup tutorials, to gamers describing a new video game, to people doing book reviews, gadget reviews, how to fix your broken kettle videos, etc, etc…… basically there’s millions of videos being upload to sites such as youtube every week. Some of these videos become popular and some of the creators are making a lot of money from them.

Many vloggers started making videos for YouTube for fun, which in in time resulted in thousands of fans (subscribers) following their youtube channels…..

Fans (Subscribers) = eyeballs = advertising = money

Making videos may have started as a hobby for some people, filming from their bedrooms, but as their popularity online increased, so did the money they could earn from their videos. Some ended up making so much money from their YouTube videos that they were able to earn a living from it.

One of the UK’s top YouTube vloggers is Zoe Suggs, who started making videos while she was unemployed. 4 years later her youtube channel Zoella now has 4 million fans (subscribers), with over 143 million video views. Thanks to the success of her videos – all self-made with her Canon camera – she now makes a living from making YouTube videos.

How can you make money from YouTube videos?


Many vloggers can be valuable to highstreet brands. If they mention products in their videos, then quite often some of their viewers will then want to purchase them. For example, this is often the case with beauty vloggers who may mention a particular lipstick or hairbrush, which can result in the product selling out on the associated retailers website.

The reason why many popular vloggers can increase the demand for various product they mention in their videos, is because it provides social proof – if viewers see a vlogger giving a product a positive review, then the viewer is more likely to take that on board, since over time they will have developed a certain amount of trust in the vlogger, and often view them as an authority in some areas e.g. beauty products, etc.

Firstly vloggers can earn money directly from YouTube by becoming a YouTube partner, which enables you to monetize your YouTube videos. This allows YouTube to add adverts on or near your video content, which can involve adding an advert either at the start of your video, or having a banner appear at the bottom of you video a few seconds after it has started playing e.g.:


Outside of being a YouTube partner, some vloggers can earn money by arranging deals with retailers and advertisers, often taking a cut of any products then help generate sales for.

How much can top Vloggers earn?


  • Up to £20,000/month for banners and ‘skins’ around edges of web pages.
  • Up to £4000 per mention of a product.
  • Up to £4000 per Instagram/Twitter post featuring product.
  • Up to £10,000 per personal appearance.
    Source: eight&four Digital Marketing


So Who Are These Successful YouTubers?


Listed below are a number of well known YouTubers who have grown their number of subscribers and make money from their channel:


Zoella – Beauty & Fashion Vlogger


Zoe Suggs, age 26, Brighton, UK

Stats: 4 million subscribers | 143 million views. Started her youtube channel in 2007

Started making youtube videos 4 years ago while she was unemployed. Since then she has amassed millions of loyal subscribers, and now earns a fulltime living thanks to her videos giving advice on fashion and beauty tips


Books & Quills – Booktuber


Sanne, age 24, London, UK

Stats: 65,000 | 3 million views. Started her youtube channel in 2008.

Originally from the Netherlands, but now living in London, Sanne is graduate with an MA in English translation and literature. She now runs one of the most popular youtube book review channels.


EssieButton – Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Vlogger


Estée, age 23, Canadian living in London, UK

Stats: 448,000 subscribers | 18 million views. Started her youtube channel in 2011

Estée moved from Canada to England almost four years ago and started her blog, Essie Button as a way to fill her time, meet new people and as a fun hobby. She was so into the world of online beauty that she decided to dip her toe in the big, wide world of YouTube (essiebutton) where she makes weekly videos on various beauty related subjects with the occasional blathering tangent.


FroKnowsPhoto – Camera reviews & advice


Jared Polin, United States

Stats: 302,529 subscribers | 41 million views. Started his youtube channel in 2008

Jared is an accomplished photographer. In 2010, Jared also launched FroKnowsPhoto.com, a fun and informative website for photographers that provides guidance in the art, process, equipment and experience of capturing moments in photos

Could You Be A YouTube Star??


The YouTubers above are just a handful of people who are earning money from their YouTube channel – and having a lot fun with it. Why don’t you try making YouTube videos? Is there something in your life that you are passionate about, or knowledgeable enough for people to want to watch you? Do you think you could create a successful YouTube channel? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to get started – Goodluck!