YouTube provides an excellent opportunity for a business to show off its expertise, market its products/services and connect with customers.

A picture paints a thousand words, but a video shows a lot more. Many people prefer to watch a video rather than have to read lots of text.

The internet is fast taking over from television as the entertainment device of choice. People are increasingly spending more of their time on the internet than they are watching TV.

While people are on the internet, thanks to technologies such as YouTube, they are watching videos online more than ever – and its popularity is growing massively. The internet is going to figure hugely in the future of what we are going to watch – so it’s important that your business is involved.

In future, for websites to continue to attract people, many will have to offer video.

If your business and brand are looking to engage with existing or potential customers, YouTube provides you with an excellent marketing tool.

Here are 5 reasons why your business should use YouTube:

  1. It’s easy and relatively cheap
  2. In just a few clicks you can have your video ”embedded” in your blog or website, where people world-wide can watch the content you want to share with them. Best of all, it’s not just for big business. YouTube offers a perfect platform for small businesses too. There are no big budgets required – just a video camera and your creativity.

  3. Increase the number of visitors to your website
  4. The more you provide video on your website, the more visitors you will get, because you are engaging them in a way that they increasingly expect and demand, instead of only offering them text to read. Your site is more entertaining and interesting – so they have a reason to return and become a regular visitor to your site, rather than your competitors. In addition, they’re more likely to stay on your website for a much longer time – time that they’re more likely to place an order.

  5. Generate more sales
  6. Generally, the more people that visit your website, the more business you can generate. Video via your website is an excellent way for you to inform, educate and entertain existing & potential customers on your products or services. You can demonstrate your product, advice on a service you offer, notify of a special offer, etc. Eyeballs = Clicks = Sales!

  7. Improve your SEO / search engine rankings
  8. Just having a video for your business won’t in itself increase your search engine rankings. However, there are numerous indirect benefits to having videos on your business. The video content that you post can be shared, linked to, commented on and is a great opportunity to drive traffic to your website. The side effect of this is info on your business, is that in time your website will be much more easy to find on search engines.

  9. Build your brand and reputation
  10. A key part of business is relationships – creating, managing and strengthening. YouTube can help you engage an audience and form a relationship with your viewers. You’re not engaging in high-pressure sales, but instead you can build trust and a bond with your audience. Film is increasingly referred to as the leading art form of the 21st century – it is a powerful medium with which you can establish your business & brand, as a leader in your sector. This can apply to any business – large or small – from a local plumber, to a sculptor, a baker, builder, tax adviser, architect, etc.

Below are a couple of examples of YouTube business videos. The first is from The Showerguys who are specialist installers of steam showers & luxury bathrooms. In this video they’re not going for the hard sell. Instead they’re talking about why they use Twitter. Their humour and openness helps establish trust, while at the same time informing potential customers where they do business and what they do, plus the benefits of their service – all done in an entertaining way:

And not to be left out, below is a video (one of over fifty) that Easyspace has created, which explains to our customers how to use the easyspace FTP Client:

Lastly, Easyspace is pleased to let you know we were recently presented with the two awards below:

Top UK Linux Host
Best UK Hosting Provider