Easyspace has recently added a new 4th web hosting package to line up next to the existing Starter web hosting, Business web hosting and Pro web hosting options.

The new package, known as Starter Plus, is aimed at those customers who require increased functionality to that offered in the starter package, but not quite to the level offered by the business package.

With 1Gb of web space, 15Gb monthly bandwidth, 50 mailboxes and database options, Starter Plus is truly great value for money.

On top of the specs, Starter Plus web hosting also comes with the same great features recently added to the other web hosting packages including 50 FREE EasyMailer credits, £50 FREE PPC credits from MIVA, £25 FREE PPC credit from Mirago, 3 FREE images and 10% off purchases from Fotolia and 30 FREE digital image uploads to Snapfish from Hewlett Packard.

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